Prepare your Derby Buffet

The Kentucky Hot Brown…from the Brown Hotel

Have you ever heard of a “Hot Brown?” No? Well here it is. This is a special creation from a chef at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. It is a very old recipe, maybe even considered a historic Recipe, from the historic Brown Hotel.

The basic ingredients are toast points, ham, turkey, bacon, and cheesey sauce. Usually garnished with a couple of tomato slices…and broiled for a few minutes. There is nothing intimidating about this combination. Here is the official recipe from the Brown Hotel website.

Hot brown sandwich

Hot Brown Sandwich

I have eaten a slightly different version of the Hot Brown at Lure Lodge, at a lake Cumberland State Resort Park. They use “country ham” as opposed to regular ham. Where I come from the ham that you bake for Easter, or buy for ham sandwiches is called “city ham.” Country ham is salt cured, and thus has a saltier, older taste. Country ham is what we use for “ham biscuits” that we serve anytime there is a gathering…from showers, to Christmas buffets, to our Derby party buffet. The beaten biscuit is usually the bread of choice. (I have to admit that I tried making beaten biscuits once and did not feel I did a good job.
Since that time I have been buying mine.)

I ran across a new twist on the Hot Brown recently…and it looks doable. I found this version at I noticed that it originally came from Mr.Food.


Country Ham

Country Ham

The Brown Hotel
335 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

A Taste of Kentucky website promotes many food products from the state. You can order items and create gift baskets.

For more information about country ham, visit the Bon Appetit website.

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Prepare your Derby Buffet

Prepare your Derby Buffet


Kentucky Mint Juleps for a crowd, and Sweet Tea

With our Kentucky Derby around the corner…many are shopping for their party menus. I am spreading out the recipes so that you don’t get overwhelmed. My last julep recipe was for making one julep drink at a time. But, if you are expecting a crowd, this recipe might be helpful to you. You can of course adjust amounts of bourbon up or down. (Be responsible if you are serving guests. Always serve sufficient food to guests who consume alcohol.)


Southern sweet tea is another staple beverage for a derby party. If this recipe is too sweet for you…just add less sugar. Serve with slices of lemon. As an an additional option, serve fresh lemonade to let people mix half sweet tea and half lemonade. The options are endless! There are many non-alcoholic options for your guests.

A nice nibble for any derby party are cheese straws…a typically southern snack. This recipe is from the Fairhope Supply Blog. I usually have to adjust the pepper down.



Start making your derby party shopping list!
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Make a Kentucky Mint Julep…Welcome to my life in Kentucky.


Since it is almost Derby (first Saturday in May) I thought that I would repost a previous chat about how to make a Mint Julep. I hope you do not mind this repeat, but I have so many more readers this year. I don’t want them to miss out on some basic info regarding Derby and Derby parties.
I also want to invite you to click on my Pinterest button in the sidebar to see my Derby pins. I have two boards that might interest you. One is about entertaining in Kentucky and one is about Derby.
I will be posting recipes and Derby info in the days to come. The state is gearing up for celebrations around the “Run for the Roses.”
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When folks think of Kentucky, they likely think of horses and horse farms. Oh, but there is so much more! I hope to share the wonders of the great commonwealth of Kentucky!

Derby Day is the first Saturday in May. The Derby is one of Kentucky’s crown jewels. We become the focus of attention for Derby week. Food. Hats. Movie stars. Regular folks. Princes. Millionaires. And let’s not forget the guests of honor…beautiful race horses.

No matter where you are, if you are a true Kentuckian you will find a television and sing along with the University of Louisville marching band playing My Old Kentucky Home. It is a time for reverence! The horses are called to the post, loaded, then shoot out of their gates for a very, very, fast horse race. There are never sure winners. Sometimes the least favored horse will make it to the finish line…

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Spring in Kentucky…Lake Cumberland

Hubby and I went to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park to eat dinner and see the lake recently. I took pictures while we can still see the lake through the tree branches. I have to tell you that this is one of the prettiest parts of Kentucky, but I am sure I would say that about other places too. We have quite a bit of natural beauty when you get outside of towns and brave the twisty roads to some very special spots. Kentucky has several resort parks…and all of them are in beautiful locations. The state parks are very popular with Kentucky residents as well as many out-of-state folks. Some bring boats, some bring campers, and some just bring swimsuits and make reservations for a room, a cabin, or a houseboat. Here are a few photos to tempt you to come to the area. (there are links below for more information)

Jamestown Dock

The Overlook


Jamestown Dock

Jamestown Dock

Thanks to the following blogs for Sharing: Lake Cumberland State Resort Park 5465 State Park Rd. Jamestown, KY 42629 Phone: (270) 343-3111 Email: Park Manager: Stephen Eastin, Lake Cumberland State Resort Park For more information… state parks maps 129587706022139358 For Historic locations within the state check out this link: Thanks for visiting. Blog63a5ddf3706152c9434e604ca55996ea

fun table decorations

Birthday for my Daddy…85 Years Young!

The weather was perfect for a birthday/Easter lunch today.
The sun was shining. The sky was blue. The grass was (and still is) green.
The breezes on the back porch were perfect.
My dad celebrated his 85th birthday this past week…and I decided to host a little luncheon for him.
My hubby did the cooking and I did the table and such.( Retirement is letting him his stretch his cooking skills, which is a good thing in my book! I cooked five days a week most of thirty years…so I am all too happy to turn over the kitchen.)

Here are a few pics of the day…

You will see the delicious ham that hubby baked,

along with my mother’s homemade banana pudding. Yum!

Yes, we did have vegetables, and some were green.

Hubby made a twice baked potato casserole with cheese, bacon, and butter. Yum again.

Chocolate cake was requested.

Sorry, no picture. I was busy cutting and serving it.

Then there is the birthday boy himself…my daddy.

Being the first child, I have been around for most of the near 64 year marriage.

I have been daddy’s girl for many, many years.

He has taught me so many things over the years, from learning to ride a two-wheel bicycle to flying an airplane. He would also share many educator tips along the way with the only one who went into education..Me.  My dad was a school principal during my growing up years. And being an educator, it seemed he was always taking additional graduate classes every year. I eventually learned what that was all about. Educators go to school most of their lives!               He was also a flight instructor near our small town, having learned to fly in his twenties.          He has quite a resumé.

Back to lunch…

The table is set and ready for us to gather around it. I have a small dining room in our downsize..but we manage to squeeze in.

The table is set

The table is set

I decided to go with colorful table decorations…as it is spring, and Easter is tomorrow.


fun table decorations

fun decorations in a formal room

08-IMG_0058Can there be too much candy at Easter?

Hubby’s ham was delicious…and I have leftovers for Sunday. I love leftovers!


Hubby’s Ham was a Hit

And here is my mother’s extra special banana pudding.

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding to Die For

too much Easter candy?

Too Much Easter Candy?

Here is my daddy…85 years young!

He is in excellent health and does whatever he wants!

85 years young

85 Years Young

And mother, equally young and healthy!

my mother

my mother….

See that white sofa below?

It is in my mama cave. aka, my quiet room, and it is an excellent napping place.

I  headed there once the kitchen was cleaned up.

My Mama Cave

My Mama Cave

Thanks for stopping by today.

I am headed to my mama cave with the comfy sofa to grab some quiet time.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


camera and light

playing with my camera and light…


Friday French, translation Exercise

French dictionary

My high school French dictionary

When I began studying French in high school the only thing I had to help me was a small paperback French-English dictionary. By the end of high school that dictionary was well worn…but it went to college and graduate school. The other very useful book I eventually purchased was 101 French Verbs. During my early teaching years I purchased 501 French Verbs.

Today my college students pull out their smart phones, iPads, or tablets to do a word search. There are several online dictionaries if you want to use one.

I am giving you an assignment this week. Translate this short passage about why one should study French. You may send me your translation by copying and pasting into the comment section if you wish. The act of looking up words is the actual “on task” part of the post.




Friday French and Pinterest, a French Teacher’s Helper

Here is your Friday French vocabulary.
Practice spelling the vocabulary off and on all week. Then cover the words so that you only see the pictures. Number the pictures and your paper, then spell each word. Check your own spelling. You must interact with a word several times before that word becomes your word. (That was told to me by one of my child’s first or second grade teachers.)
Bon Weekend!