Derby Hat Ideas

Are you still scouting for Derby hat ideas?
I ran across these hat photos online.
For me personally, I really like a simple classic look. I have a couple of black hats in a similar shape and decided that I could give one of them a new look with a wide striped ribbon, such as this. Mais oui! So simple!

You too can adapt this style for the Derby party that you might attend!








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4 thoughts on “Derby Hat Ideas

  1. I love the black hat too. I have a black hat with that shape. If I could find wide striped ribbon like that I would have a great look. Kind of a spectator style…add some black and white clothes and pearls! Taaaadaaa! Thanks so much for visiting. I so admire your blog! Sheila


    • You can have a derby party! Get those ladies and gents into the mood with an equestrian themed invitation, ask ladies to wear hats and pearls, and get a good kentucky bourbon. I recommend Makers Mark. It is made not too far from where I live…well in fact most of them are made within an hour of my home! Ha!
      There used to be an old saying about ky….we have fast cars, fast women, and slow bourbon! Ha! Just kidding. Sheila


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